3rd LEAGUE vs UJ

So there we were our first side geared for our first match with a newly geared team courtesy of fran's pretoria (pronouned pret..oh... rhia), first league links and all this despite a near self inflicted first match default by an unnamed player 5 that earned him a worthy coty 10 nomination (my boooooiiiii, u just raised the coty bar!!).

So back to squash, we played UJ and between fran, stan, mwansi and myself we gave them one point with all matches lasting no less than 30 mins each or just short of 10 mins a game.

With this power charged side, a definite chance for us to challenge a probable first league place in 2011, a first I believe since mike toothill played for chamber.

Next week we play at home and to further strengthen the club will be moving our resting player down one league each week.

Later mike

Francisco: 3-1

Mwansa: 3-0

Stan: 3-0

Mike: 3-0

Match Result: 16 - 1


Francisco: 3-0

Mwansa: 3-0

Stan: 3-0

Willem: 3-0

Match Result: 16 - 0