Ladies 3rd LEAGUE 01 vs Old Eds


Now if anyone wants good post weekend free entertainment, you can do no better than come down to the club on a Monday night and check out the ladies in action.

Actually I'm talking about womens's 3rd league. What a gas.

On first went Audrey and had a good game but just couldn't pull it through at the end and went down 1 -- 3.

This other Chamber chick called Heather someone was next. Probably her career best game ever, or so I'm told. Yeah I have to agree though, it was actually pretty good. Against an excellent young grade 10 black kid who pulled out all the stops. It fluctuated both ways throughout but the youngster with darker pigmentation stuck to her task and eventually closed it down 3 --2.

Followed on by reigning club champ Joanne. Nothing wrong here either I can tell you. Another titanic battle leaving spectator Claude Klopper gasping over his amstel. Just a great game pure and simple. And she pulled it off 3-- 2 to boot. Pretty cool.

Last came Josephine. The most unlikely of athletes you would think. So think again. I reckon she'll outrun Brian Swiegers and Gavin Martin any time. Also plays the best frame shot in town. Chamber up again in another 5 setter 3 -- 2.

So no less than 3 five setters in one night whch ended it 2 a piece. And down to a points count down.

I hope we won but I couldn't stay any longer to find out. Was very late. What a gas.

Overall result:9 - 12