8th League “A” vs. Wits

So it was that I arrived early at Wits, thinking that maybe they would not have a team, it being vacation/study break time. Only to find their entire team (plus reserve) there already and new boy Gary warming up. None of these guys are students or staff, they are an old Wits Park team, who now just happen to play for Wits U. By the time Captain (Whispering) George arrived we had exhausted the possible permutations of playing positions and were confused. So new boy Gary was voted 2, George could only drop to 3 after playing 1 last week, Lyal insisted on 4, which left 1 … damn. All my efforts and insistence that I should be 3 or 4 thwarted.

Gary played wily Roy (the only opponent’s name I can remember). Roy plays some really mean boasts, which Gary consistently managed to pick up much to Roy’s surprise. However Roy had a few more tricks up his sleeve and it ended badly for Gary. Lyal played at the same time and was just too quick, powerful and consistent for his opponent. Another easy win for Lyal.

George played at the same time as me and ended up with the same score line. Both of us went down in flames.

The formalities over, the restaurant wrangle ensued. “We go to Gino’s in Robertsham” said our host captain. “ No @#$%$$ way!” said George. Too far to travel says the man who goes to London, Cape Town and Durban to run marathons. So after about 6 minutes of travel to the near South, Gary and I ended up having a very sociable dinner with our hosts, while George and Lyal went to some place 5 minutes away in Melville. I bet their bill came to more than Gino’s modest R290 (for 5 of us!).

Results: Chamber Wits

1 Steph 1 ? 3

2 Gary 0 Roy 3

3 George 1 ? 3

4 Lyal 3 ? 0

Match score: 512