8th League “A” vs. Chamber B

8th League Local Derby

Wednesday’s kickoff to the 8th league saw the 8B team (affectionately known as the snot snivelers) at home to the 8A team.

Whispering George arranged a clandestine matchup with Pete Filmore, to start at 17h00, while those of us with honest jobs were still stuck in traffic.

I arrived to witness George’s final stage of humiliation. So that was the plan – few witnesses, a lawyers dream. He says it was so that he could have a much needed beer before the witching hour of 18h00. So with George trounced, that left the rest of us to quibble about the minor placings and to discuss whether George’s act had been one of hubris or self-sacrifice.

Lyal went on next against Chris van Zyl and was utterly ruthless. Apparently all this schlepping around the hell-holes of Africa has toughened him up considerably and “no prisoners” is his new motto.

So with the matchup even, it was the turn of the senior derelicts, Steph against Gavin Martin, in a replay of the pre-league. After the obligatory 30 minute stretching and warm-up session, the match turned out to be an almost exact rehash of the pre-league.

This left it all up to Doc Fallon playing Pete le Roux. Pete played his steady accurate game, but Paul scampered, fetched and fetched some more at a bewildering pace, which wore Pete out. A good start for the all conquering A team!

Just to emphasise the many options the A team has and our enthusiasm for the new season, new boy Gary played Nic the Greek in a “friendly”. At 2-1 down Nic pulled the old “calf tweak” ploy to save some face.

George, democratic as ever, posed the “where shall we eat” question. Lapa Fo, Dros, Catz Pajamas, Cool Runnings, Jolly Roger, Renato’s, Lucio’s are the suggestions. “OK, so it’s unanimous, Doppio it is” says George. What a leader! ANC take note! So it was that we ended up at Fratelli’s (Doppio being full to the rafters), joined by Mark van N, obviously missing George’s calming influence.

Results: George vs Pete F 0 – 3

Lyal vs Chris v Z 3 – 0

Steph vs Gavin M 3 – 1

Paul F vs Pete le R 3 – 0

Match score: 12 – 4 to the A team