6thth League A vs Bryanston

We had a tough game against Bryanston and were narrowly beaten 7-11.

Also playing against Che…Guavara and the brother of Bruce Lee did not make things easier.

Hendrik lost to Rob : 0-3

Rob is an import from Cape Town you know…….and the Stormers winning streak must have rubbed off on him!! (Hendrik just to let you know he played with a broken elbow!!......bunch of liars these okes from the Cape eh? )

Gerhard lost to Steve (keeps on calling me Hendrik all the time!!!) : 1-3

No excuse from my side (Cappie said I looked “pap”)

Little Georgie P won against Che : 3-1

Think the 6 am practice George is going straight to his head (send all the team members an SMS on Sat at 6am of yes…..you guess it….an empty squash court and ask ….where are you guys????) George also showed me his screen saver……it is an empty squash court!!!

Silver Fox won against David (aka Bruce Lee) : 3-2

Ahhh, but the Foxy had this guy worried!! Our Cappie really had to work hard to win this one but I knew he had Bruce Lee (who at one stage….. flowed with and became one with the ball…..) rattled when he said to his team mates after the 4th game at 2-2 “ wonder how many tricks this guys has left in his bag”


The Scribe

Match result : 7 - 11