6thth League A vs Randburg

6th A won against Randburg

9-7 (Points count by 3 !!!)

ATS sports mail system reports (we all played against I. Substitute??? Something funny going on at that club……..)

Court:1 Winner:Randburg RB05

I,Substitute (AKA Sven- vs. John,Shannon)
15-10 15-13 15-9

Foxy did not come out of his hole tonight and the jetsetter lifestyle and worldwide travels getting to him. Next time John…..

Court:2 Winner:Chamber Exiles CH04
Fergus,Macleod- vs. I,Substitute (AKA Raphael “Nadal”)
13-15 15-9 15-10 15-7

A bit rusty at first but when the knees got warmed up he was like a CAT D9 (brul net as hy stoot) and there was no stopping Fergus!!

Court:3 Winner:Chamber Exiles CH04
Gerhard,Botha- vs. I,Substitute (AKA Mike)
15-11 15-6 15-13

A bit too experienced for this youngster on the night.

Court:4 Winner:Randburg RB05
I,Substitute (AKA Chris??- vs. Henrik,Kruger-)
15-9 15-7 13-15 15-11

Henrik waking up in the third but to no avail….. Keep chipping away Boet!!

Night was ended off with Pizza’s and beer at Doppio’s


The Scribe

Match result : 11 - 9