8th League “A” vs. Wits

This Wits team at least looks like a bunch of students (unlike the other Wits 8th league team who have no association beyond squash with that fine institution). They seemed a bit wary of these old dudes they had to play, especially since there seemed to be so many of them and more arrived as the evening progressed. Mike H and Whispering George came along for drinks, eats and so that they could encourage and verbally abuse their team mates and Gary was there hoping to play socially. That meant the entire team pitched up (and not by accident). How’s that for team “gees”?

Dr Lyal went on first against Ryan and had an easy time of it, not allowing the youngster any leeway. (Only an old fart like me can use the term “youngster” and get away with it!) Lyal and Gary then had a 5 setter so that Lyal could feel like he had run a bit.

Dr Paul then took on Lauren, the young lady who gave Pete Fillmore carrots a few weeks ago. Maybe she was somewhat off her game but she offered only token resistance (that just doesn’t sound right, but you catch my drift).

Steph then faced Alan, who seemed a pushover in the warm-up, but performed much better in the game. Consensus is that this was the toughest game of the evening. Steph gets this quite a lot, seems his style of play makes the opponent look good. Especially, when in the third game, on match point, he was presented with a sitter and proceeded to mash it and then lose the game!

Finally Nic the Greek (MVP*) played Ruben, who offered stern resistance in the first game but then faded. Nic did play better length in the later games, probably due to the polite support (and jeering) from the support crew, Mike and George.

All the kids then went home and the adults went off to Lapa Fo for light refreshments. (Gino’s was briefly considered, but this time we all agreed with George that it was too far).

Results: Chamber Wits

Dr Paul Lauren 3 – 0

Nic Ruben 3 – 0

Steph Alan 3 – 1

Dr Lyal Ryan 3 – 0

16 – 1

(MVP* = Most Valued Player and star – at least in his own mind)

Match score: 16 -1