4th LEAGUE vs Dainfern

We played Dainfern at home – they were top of the league after last week’s results, having had a 16 win over Randburg. (We were 4th.)

Dainfern trickled in 1 at a time at regular intervals.

First to play was Phil against Tony (foot fault) Lesch. Tony was no match for Phil and Phil cleaned him up quickly. I’m scared Phil is going to get bored down at no 4.

Jeff played next against Sharon, raced to 2-0 up; was 12 all in the 3rd, and then in true Jeff spirit lost that game. He hates short matches. Thankfully he didn’t go to 5 and won it in the 4th.

Willem played next against Peter Dickinson, the squash coach at Dainfern, but thanks to the fitness sessions with Frankie, Willem taught their coach a lesson.

Gary played last (again) against Tony Outram (who is dying to find a team in 2nd Master’s that needs a player), and managed a convincing win.

Willem: 3-1

Jeff: 3-1

Gary: 3-0

Phil: 3-0

Match result : 16 - 2