5thth League vs Parkview

Parkview Team are leading the log in 5th league, and Captain–my-Captain had a cunning plan to rotate one of my stronger players

Flip vs David Paella. Despite David playing with a knee brace and Flip having all the legs, David managed to outsmart Flip and won 3-1.

Chris vs David Sauerman. Dave got quickly to a 2-0 lead before yours truly managed to get back into the game taking the next two to level the scores at 2-2. Got ahead in the 5th and led 12-9, but could not finish and lost 15-12 for a 3-2 loss.

David Peacock vs Chris Naidoo. Dave was just too good with his boasts, so even though Chris managed to scrape one game, Dave won 3-1.

Last but not least, David Cilliers vs Hano v.Zyl. Richard managed to win 3-1, with a little wobble in the second game.

Team won by a game, but all in all a good night for “Davids” and Richard.

Result Chamber won 11-8, to close the gap on Parkview.

Match result : 118