5thth League vs UJ

Dave went on to take the youngster James in 6, 1st game. Because he was in his son's res, Bastion at UJ, Dave gave away 7 points on the trot to lose the next.
Enough nice guy, or too much ego, the match was won with many well disguised lobs, 3-1. Turns out the only one to lose a game.

Gavin played a hard hitting, hard running affair to pip "attempting to grow a beard Grant", 16-14/16-14/15-11. A close one

Richard had a comfortable game against an overweight and unfit Tyler, 3-0. Yes Tyler, Richard's reach is annoying!

Flip having just recovered from the dreaded lergy, another one, put in a good effort against an extremely fetching Mathew. And I mean running! Not that he wasn't pleasant to look at............ 18-16/15-10/16-14. Another close one!

Yet another comfortable win, this time in the true meaning of the word.

Match result : 162