6thth League A vs Chamber B

A very close affair with A winning on a points count (7 points)!!!

George vs Duncan 2 3

Tiny “get down” G losing out on the last game at 16-14. But what a comeback after 2-0 down and Stu telling him to pick up the pace or ship out. Georgie then moved into overdrive with some well rehearsed brake dance moves and nearly upset Duncan on the night.

Gerhard vs Gavin 3 1

Not sure who made more mistakes but managed to keep Gavin at bay on this one.

Hendrik vs Graeme 3 2

Hendrik WON!!!!

Against a very confused Graeme….. he was not sure if he is playing for our team or the B side. Then telling him that we are the 5th league and he is playing for Chambers at Braynston did not help either…had to stop him at the car just before he left for Bryanston. Henrik,one way of winning your game by confusing the hell out of your opponent!!

Stuart vs Helena 1 3

Two ladies playing….one with a skirt and mmmmmm…the other one also!! Helena just ran our Stu to ground and picking up every shot in every corner!! In Stu’s own words… “sy het nou my mieliepit pap gehardloop”

Games 9 9

Points 243 236


The Scribe

Match result : 11 - 9